Hiking and Forts

Today looked like a beautiful day so we decided we’d go for a hike as soon as Miss I woke up from her morning nap. I got everyone all dressed and packed the bag with water and snacks and toilet paper. (Master N and Miss M can not go on a hike without needing to wee at least once.) We got everyone buckled into the car and opened the garage door only to discover that it was starting to rain. Boo! We drove to Running Deer Natural Area anyway, hoping that maybe it wouldn’t last.

We managed to get in a 5 minute walk before the drizzling rain and bone cold wind forced us to turn around. It was long enough for the husband to proclaim he is not a fan of the new backpack carrier for Miss I. I picked it up from our Multiples Club consignment sale a couple of weeks ago thinking it would be an improvement on the Ergo. The Ergo has been great but is starting to get a bit hot and sweaty on longer hikes for both the husband and for Miss I. What do you use for carrying a toddler on a hike?hiking with the new backpack


So, anyway, we came home and built a fort out of a cardboard box instead. That was probably more fun anyway. 🙂

cardboard box fort fun.



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