Running Deer Natural Area

We like to get outside when we can. I remember going on bushwalks as a kid, especially with my dad. He liked to find the local wildlife, usually reptilian, by looking under rocks and logs and in trees. I have a lot of memories of finding, and sometimes holding, snakes, lizards, frogs and tortoises. Even when driving, we would stop the car if he saw a lizard or snake on or near the road so he could get out and help it to safety. And I have to admit I’ve been known to stop and rescue a blue tongue lizard on occasion since my driving days started.

While I may not be actively searching out reptiles these days, I do love to see wildlife when we go hiking and I want to pass that on to my children. Hubby and I did some hiking before the kids came along both in Australia and here. The best vacations I’ve had have been where we’ve stayed somewhere in the mountains and been able to hike and fish and do all that fun stuff. I would prefer to do that any day rather than stay in a fancy hotel in the city.

Hiking with 2 almost-3-year-olds and an almost-1-year-old is kind of noisy. We don’t see a lot of wildlife because the animals get plenty of warning that we are approaching and if they know what’s good for them, and obviously they do, they take shelter and hide until we pass. We still have a lot of fun and we’ll sloooooowly teach the kids about being quieter.

Fort Collins has a lot of great Natural Areas and easy hikes. We have been to Running Deer Natural Area several times. There are some good loop trails that are the perfect length for the kids right now. We’ve seen deer, muskrats and many different birds. We’ve also seen evidence of beavers and raccoons but unfortunately not the animals themselves. Master N loves to study the footprints in the snow or mud.



Today we tried out yet another child carrier. Thank you to a lovely friend who saw my last post about hubby not liking the new one I bought and donated her old one to us. Little Miss I had such a great view and didn’t stop smiling the entire time. Hubby says it hurt his shoulders a little but he thinks he can get used to it. 🙂

IMG_2004 IMG_2007


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