Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

We didn’t do a party this year because we figured it will be the last year we can get away with not having one. Even still, I feel exhausted.

The day started before 7am with Phil telling me we should take the kids to IHOP for breakfast pancakes. Master N LOVES pancakes. I wasn’t terribly excited by the idea (because, I’ll be honest, I’m a grump in the mornings) but dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. An hour later we were sitting in a booth at IHOP with our chosen breakfasts in front of us. Even little Miss I got in on the pancakes, eggs and fruit as well as downing her bottle of milk. It was a nice start to their birthdays.




We came home and got down to the serious business of opening birthday presents.



IMG_2306 IMG_2313 IMG_2281 IMG_2319
















IMG_2310 IMG_2304 IMG_2294



After Miss I’s nap we decided it was cake time! Master N had requested “a soccer ball cake”. Miss M asked for “a love heart cake”. And Miss I got a love heart cake too. It’s a lot of work making 3 cakes at once.

Here are the three completed cakes the night before their birthday.



And  here’s the cake eating fun. 🙂





We ended the day with 4 separate Skype calls back to Australia and a regular phone call. Phew! What a great day. Bedtime?



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