Choc Coconut Slice

  I was browsing Pinterest for nothing in particular and came across a recipe for chocolate coconut slice. As soon as I saw the picture I recognized it. I had completely forgotten about this slice, but it was something my mother made quite often when I was a kid. The kids were already in bed […]

It’s Been One of Those Days

      It’s been one of those days weeks. Photos from this shoot are supposed to be going on Zulily. Yeah… Have you tried getting two kids to cooperate for the camera at the same time?     And if you’re thinking you’d like a picture of all three kids together. Well, here you […]

Backyard Birds

We get a lot of different birds in our backyard and I’ve been having fun watching them. I’ve just bought a fancy new lens that I’m hoping will improve my photographs of these delightful creatures. I’ll add what I’ve seen so far and try and note my lens and specs.  This is not a list […]

Cutie Pie!

Could she be any cuter? She had her 12 month vaccinations yesterday and you can kind of see in her eyes that she feels a little crappy. These will probably serve as her 12 month photos because we haven’t actually done a 12 month shoot, and I don’t think we will. She is currently around the 50th% […]