One More Birthday to Round Out the Week.

Happy Birthday to me!

We started with a lovely hike around Running Deer Natural Area this morning. We saw some turtles, a whole lot of different birds and a snake swimming in the river. Later in the day we went out for an early dinner to Akropolis. That’s the new Greek place on College that moved into the building where the old Greek place used to be. We all enjoyed it! I recommend the Greek fries as a starter. They had feta and some sort of sauce on them and came out in a big bowl which we thought we’d never be able to finish. We were wrong.

I had a felafel pita with greek salad for my main course which was also tasty, although I ended up bringing a lot of it home in a box because I’d filled up on Greek fries. Hubby also had a pita and greek salad. We’ll go again I’m sure and will try something more adventurous next time.

The kids ran around outside for a while when we got home before Little Miss I went to bed. I took some pictures of them which you’ll see below. Phil took a couple of me, but my camera must be a little overwhelming and we ended up with the neighbors house in focus and me and the kids a blur.

Then we spent the evening with some lovely neighbors, sitting outside while our kids and theirs ran around and played until it was almost dark and time to go home.

Great Blue Heron

great blue heron

great blue heron


American Pelicans



Red Tailed Hawk (I think)



This little guy was swimming in the river.


Would love to see the Beavers that did this!



One up side to dandelions in the lawn…











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