McMurray Natural Area

It was a first time visit for us today to McMurray Natural area. We parked at the Hemlock street carpark and walked west from there. We looped around the ponds and walked back along the river up through the Salyer Natural Area and towards Legacy Park before turning back towards our car. That was just a little over a mile all up.

It was a warm day, 27c, and the parts of the trail in full sun were pretty hot, but along the river there’s quite a bit of the trail shaded by trees and that was lovely. The kids had a great time splashing in the river and getting their feet wet. I imagine you could swim in many of the places along this trail too. There’s some nice sandy shores.

We saw some deer at the beginning of our walk which the kids thought was pretty neat. I caught a glimpse of a turtle slipping into the water as we approached one of the ponds too. The hubby *almost* stood on a snake on the trail down by the river. It was probably about 40-50cm long and slithered off too quickly for me to get a photo. We’ve been trying to teach the kids to stay on the trail and not wander into the grass or wander too far ahead so this was a good lesson for them.

I enjoyed the walk and we will definitely come back again. There’s a lot of nice cool places to sit in the shade by the river and have a picnic too. I’m looking forward to the day we are not tied so rigorously to Miss I’s nap schedule.









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