Another Morning

Another early morning walk in Fort Collins Natural Areas has yielded some fun finds. This morning I saw my first ever Cinnamon Teal and Black-Crowned Night Heron as well as a Yellow Headed Blackbird, and some others. Was hoping to see a fox or maybe some raccoons, but no such luck. I did however see a fox at 12.58pm run across the busy road in front of our car as we were driving by Sprouts on Lemay/Drake. Go figure.

American White Pelican



Great Egret and Snowy EgretIMG_5278


Brown Headed Cowbird

Western KingbirdIMG_5288

Downy Woodpecker with some tasty bugsIMG_5295

Juvenile American RobinIMG_5307

Great Blue HeronIMG_5316

Black Crowned Night HeronIMG_5322

Look at those feet!IMG_5334

Cinnamon Teal. Majorly cropped as it was so far away. But still, I’ll take it.IMG_5341

Yellow Headed BlackbirdIMG_5345

That’s it for today. 🙂


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