It’s Been a While.

It’s been a while since I posted. Summer has been fun and busy and full of sunshine but will soon be ending. We had my parents stay with us for 10 weeks which was really great but they have their own adventures to go on now. Plus the visa waiver only lasts 3 months. 🙂 The kids will miss them for sure but we’ll keep in contact with FaceTime.

We haven’t done anything major, but we had a lot of great mini-adventures. When you’re 3 and 1 that’s all that’s needed for a fantastic summer. And to be honest, that’s all I need too. There’s so many great things to see all around us.


We had a huge hailstorm hit our neighborhood a couple of months ago which left our roof a write-off, as well as damaged our deck and the kids outdoor playset. Insurance is replacing the roof and repairing the other stuff. It was the most insane amount of hail I’ve ever seen. It happened around 11pm at night and lasted for a good 40 minutes, maybe an hour? The ground was blanketed in hail, making it look like snow. My newly established vegetable garden which was thriving and healthy and beginning to flower was stripped of all it’s leaves and limbs and left as a few bare spikes. All the big trees lost vast quantities of leaves, which were left blanketing our lawn. Kind of like fall, except everything was green instead of orange, yellow and brown.  Still, a lot of clean up.







So, I replanted my veggie garden and it’s now thriving again.

We took a drive up to Wyoming to a place called Vedauwoo. We had a picnic and the kids toasted marshmallows over the fire which was a first for them. The ground squirrels were incredibly cheeky and came right up to the kids looking for handouts. Obviously people must feed them. They were super cute, as were the chipmunks. Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel on the left, Chipmunk on the right.

IMG_6551 IMG_6540


There’s more fun stuff we did, but I’m going to have to save it for a new post tomorrow night. I’m tired (I’ve started running again after putting on a few pounds over the summer) and we have a playdate planned for the morning. Trying to keep the kids busy until the older two start preschool, NEXT WEEK!!!


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