A Day of Firsts.

It was a day of firsts. First day of Preschool and first ballet class for Master N and Miss M and first music class for Miss I. And my first morning (in a while) of waking up to the alarm. We’ve all been rolling out of bed around 7.45am or later most mornings this summer, so it was a bit of a shock to hear the alarm go off this morning. Preschool starts at 8.30am and we need at least 1.5 hrs to get everyone ready. Miss I was still sound asleep so the twins and I snuck downstairs reeeeaalllly quietly to let her sleep for a bit longer. Usually this endeavor is quite unsuccessful. Two 3 years old have a very short memory when it comes to keeping the volume down and will be yelling something to me or each other before we’re even half way down the stairs. Somehow though, today we managed to get all the way downstairs and even get breakfast eaten before Imogen woke up. Yay!

Preschool only goes for 3 hours, but I signed both of them up for a ballet class that begins immediately after preschool. It’s all in the same facility (so handy!) so the teachers get them dressed for ballet and feed them a snack and I don’t need to pick them up until 12.30pm. I arrived about 15 minutes early so I could peek through the window and watch them doing ballet. OMG. Do you know how cute a bunch of 3 year olds doing ballet are? Twirling and leaping with their itty bitty legs and frilly pink ballet skirts.

I didn’t think I’d be one of those mum’s getting all teary eyed and emotional over her babies going to preschool or kindy or whatever, and I wasn’t. I am excited for them. And excited for me to have some one-on-one time with Imogen. Having just one child is a breeze! Miss I and I went to music class after we dropped the big kids off. She’s been with her older siblings when she was a baby, but she always sat in the stroller in the corner. She was the youngest in the class today, but she had a great time. She is full of confidence and independence and she loves music and dancing. Maybe I’ll get teary eyed when I drop Miss I off to preschool for the first time in 2 years. But probably not. I think I’ll be doing the happy dance.  😉

Here’s the pictures.

IMG_7121 IMG_7125 IMG_7131 IMG_7145 IMG_7164 IMG_7167

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