News and Poos.

Sorry about the title. It’s been a rather long week and I’ve gone into keep-it-as-simple-as-possible mode. We have some news. Some big news. Before I get to that though, today was Phil’s birthday. Happy Birthday!! Here he is having his morning cappuccino and being an awesome dad.


We got woken up bright and early by Master N, otherwise known as Mr regular-as-clockwork (in reference to his bowels). I’m sorry if this is TMI, I suggest you skip the next few paragraphs if children and their potty habits offend you.

He wakes up around 7am give or take half an hour. The first thing he always does is poop. He has a little potty in his room because I thought that was easier than having him thudding up and down the hallway, getting up and down step stools, falling off the toilet and waking up the entire household. There was a period where he’d do his business on his potty and then continue to sit there, in his room and eveeeeentually he’d call out “Maaaaaammaaaaa……. I’mmmm ffiiiiiiinniiiiished.” I’d stumble out of bed, wipe his bottom and tell him it wasn’t time to get up yet and he’d play in his room for another 30 minutes or whatever length of time we had before Miss I woke up.

After frequently noticing pronounced red marks on his legs from the potty seat we figured out he was actually sitting there sometimes for 30 minutes or more after he was done because he simply didn’t call out. He’s easily distracted, so I imagine he was quite happy racing his matchbox cars and singing songs to himself. I tried again to teach him how to wipe himself but after an unsuccessful attempt resulted in a rather big mess that idea quickly got abandoned. So I explained to him that if he needed to poop in the morning he could come quietly into mummy and daddy’s room and we would help him go on our big toilet.

Getting to go on mummy and daddy’s toilet seems to be the highlight of his day because we’ve had regular pre-6am visits from a little boy, with a little voice whispering “Mummy, I think I need to do a poo on YOUR toilet.”

We had another talk and another lesson this afternoon about him trying to wipe by himself again. We’ll see what tomorrow brings….

So, back to the big news. Phil’s job has been made redundant which leaves us in a bit of a pickle. I’m sure many of you don’t really understand what is involved to work on an employment based visa in a foreign country of which you are not a citizen. We originally both came over here on E3 visa’s. I relinquished my work visa when I had kids and so then I became a dependent on Phil’s visa. During one of the change of ownerships of Phil’s employer he got switched to a H1B visa. Once the employment is up we no longer have the right to live or work here. It doesn’t matter that we have 3 kids who are all US citizens, or that we own our house here. We either have to move back to Australia or find another employer willing to sponsor a working visa.

It seems that sponsoring a visa is the last thing that anyone wants to do. I guess they don’t want to be bothered with the paperwork or the fees. Take a look at the job ads and you’ll see how many of them say something like “You must have the right to live and work in the USA to apply for this job”. Some of them even straight up say “We will not sponsor visas”. Plus it’s not like he can just apply for any old job. It has to be in his specific field and the employer has to prove they have made an effort to find a suitable USA citizen to do the job before determining that they cannot fill the position with a US citizen.

So there’s lots of other complicated details but that’s it in a nutshell. After a little over 5 years here in the USA our time has come to an end. We have 8 weeks to be gone. Right now, I feel very overwhelmed with everything that involves, both logistically and financially.

I can’t even think about this any more right now without my brain exploding so I will continue my thoughts on this in another post on another day. My left eye has been twitching for the past 3 days which I’m sure is a function of stress or lack of sleep. Probably both. Just pretend you don’t notice it if you see me!  😉

We ended the day with a lovely birthday dinner for Phil at Famous Dave’s and a delicious pavlova at home for dessert. Here’s my two helpers putting all the fruit on top for me.




One thought on “News and Poos.

  1. Still very sad for you guys that you have to deal with all of this. Could N, M or I get a job and then you guys can get your visas sponsored by those little guys???? Wish there was some easy solution for you. Crossing fingers that something works out.

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