The trip back home

What a hectic few weeks we had! Living through it, I honestly felt like that final week was the worst week of my life.

Selling off all our things was hard. Not from the perspective of the things actually being gone, but just the hassle of actually selling them. I had so much to do and people would ask the dumbest questions about things I hd for sale, or say they wanted to buy something but not turn up to complete the sale. Or try to cut the already bargain price down even more and act like I should be falling over myself to accept their offer. Craigslist was the worst for those.

I did get most of our things sold and in the end began to give things away. Our two biggest items were the cars which both went to lovely fellow twins families.

The movers told us that basically we couldn’t bring back anything that had been outside. It would risk our whole shipment having to go into quarantine and apparently sometimes that can hold things up for up to 18 months! No thanks.

We were also right on the borderline for needing to jump from a 20 ft shipping container to a 40 ft container. There was about a $4k price difference so we decided to
Streamline our possessions to make sure it would fit into the 20ft.

It did. Just!

I’m yet to mention the lovely weather we encountered on our final week in Colorado. It had been delightful up until the day before moving day. Then it was suddenly below freezing and snowing and such a pita.

We had to stay in a hotel from the Tuesday when the movers arrived, until the Friday when we flew out.

The hotel was perfectly fine, but have you tried having 3 small children in a room with you and the inability to go outside because it is -17c and snowing?! Even going for a drive was risking your life, or at least a fender bender and a hassle with insurance claims.

We mostly spent those few days running around doing last minute things. Selling our phones, cutting off the cable, selling our car, cleaning out the house. It was go go go and we rarely had a spare second to stop until bedtime. The kids were pulled from pillar to post and as a result everyone was stressed and cranky.

The restaurant had breakfast, but we had to eat out for lunch and dinner or bring takeaway home. Which meant going out in frigid temperatures all the time.

It’s hard to imagine what that’s really like if you haven’t experienced it. Most Australians haven’t. I am still exhausted and don’t have the energy to describe it properly so let’s just say it really sucks. It even more super sucks when you’re doing it with 3 kids in car seats.

Anyway, we got through all that and were on our last night in the hotel when at around 8pm Master N says to me “mummy, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” While clutching his stomach and saying his throat felt funny.

My mummy instincts immediately told me we were about to have a major puke fest and that I’d better get him off the hotel bed and the carpet and into the bathroom asap.

Not 30 seconds later I was rewarded with the knowledge that my instincts are in fact spot on. Meanwhile Miss I slept through all this and Miss M fell asleep at some point between the first event and the shower that followed to wash off the mess.

I somewhat naively had my fingers crossed that he’d eaten too much dinner or jumped on the bed one too many times and that he’d be fine now. So he went back to bed next to daddy and I went back in next to Miss M.

An hour and a half later he was sitting up in bed puking while daddy continued to snore next to him. I’d put a towel down under him so managed to keep most (but not all) off the sheets.

At this point Daddy and Master N decided they’d move next door into grandfathers room so as not to disturb the girls. I am a super light sleeper and tend to run on the side of stressed. Miss M is a noisy and fitful sleeper. Every time she moved or made a sound I was on high alert waiting for her to start vomiting too. I also kept popping over next door to check on master N. Needless to say I literally had no sleep that night.

The morning came and Master N was still unable to keep anything down. We took him to urgent care and got a rx for Zofran.

We had previously arranged to have a late checkout of 1pm so we came back and he was able to lay in bed for a bit until it was time to pack up.

Our shuttle bus to the airport was not picking us up until 3pm so we had 2 hours to sit in the hotel foyer and wait. At least the Zofran was working and he was able to have some of the pedialite we got him.

Oh, and neither of the girls had any signs of getting gastro at this point but Miss M came down with a snotty cold and sore throat and was generally a huge whiney mess. It was a fun 2 hours.

The shuttle came and we loaded our gazillion pieces of luggage on and wrestled the 3 car seats into the bus and locked those suckers down. (Still in frigid weather remember).

There were 2 other people on the bus besides us. We got to the edge of town and they told us they had to put us into a different bus to take us the rest of the way. We pulled up and saw the “bus” they had waiting could more accurately be described as a van and had already at least 4 people on it. Getting all of us to fit with 3 in big car seats plus our luggage was going to be next to impossible and I said as much to the driver.

I was told that we’d fit. So we hauled the kids and the car seats out into the snow and dragged them over to the “bus” where all the people already inside just stared at me like I was crazy.

The driver of the second bus then decided that, no, we wouldn’t fit on. Ayfkm?! So they phoned their office to arrange for another bus to come for us while we waited. By this time the kids are all screaming and freezing and my hands are going numb and I’m declaring loudly that “THIS is why I confirmed twice with you guys that we had all this luggage and THREE car seats.” And Miss M has snot everywhere and I’m constantly assessing how fast I could grab a sick bag if Master N starts puking.

THEN, the driver of the original bus says, it’s ok just get back on his bus and he’ll take us in after all. Once more, AYFKM?! So we haul the luggage out of the second bus that they’d started loading and back onto the original bus and struggle with the car seats to get them back on and installed again and put the kids in.

Can anyone say nightmare?

We eventually got to the airport and I won’t go into all the details because you all know how that goes. Even when it goes smoothly it’s a bloody process.

First plane ride was 2 and a bit hours and I nearly lost my mind. The kids were SO tired by this point. It was well past bedtime and plus they weren’t well. And I’m sure all the stress of the week was affecting them too. But we made it to San Fran Cisco in one piece with no puking.

We only had about half an hour to wait once we made it to the gate. I couldn’t wait to get on and get settled and hopefully the kids would go to sleep.

We got on. Got the car seats installed ok. Sat the kids in them. “All passengers who have boarded the plane need to collect all their luggage and now leave the plane. There is a mechanical issue that needs to be looked at.”

I think I was just like, stunned. Couldn’t be happening, surely? But yes, it was. It was something like an indicator light for a backup generator was blinking and they needed to test it. For another 3 hours. While my kids and my husband and I go insane sitting at the gate.

The plane ride was hideous. It was 15 hours of hell. The kids barely slept except for an hour here and there. I didn’t sleep at all. I gave regular doses of zofran to Master N as well as to both the girls. I was not taking any chances of having another thing to deal with.

We did make it though and breezed through customs without any hold ups or queues.

We had our lovely family waiting for us in 3 cars so we had plenty of room for all of us plus all our luggage.

We got about halfway home before Miss I started vomiting.

We have been here 3 days and I am slowly beginning to catch up on sleep. No one is vomiting right now. (Touch wood). I have a new phone and the weather is pretty great!

I don’t want to make that trip again in a hurry and my apologies if you were seated near us on that flight last Friday night from San Fran Cisco to Sydney.

That took longer than I thought to write. No energy to proof read. Comment if there’s any glaringly obvious errors. I think it’s time for bed! 🙂

Us and the kids with their cousins.

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