What Do We Miss?

My husband said to me yesterday that everyone keeps asking him what he misses about the USA and he’s been fumbling about trying to explain without giving a very succinct answer. Now, he says, he knows what it is. It’s the “convenience”. Everything is much more convenient there.

For example:

  • The drive through pharmacy where you don’t need to get your sick kids out of the car to get your prescription filled. The doctor will even email it right on over so it’s ready when you get there.
  • Drive through coffee shops when you need a hot drink on a snowy morning, or, once again, you don’t want to get all the kids out.
  • Drive through banking.
  • Super Target.
  • Amazon.
  • Netflix, Hulu, etc
  • Fast internet with no download limits or speed restrictions.

I miss all those things too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for Amazon since we’ve been back. The convenience of having my regular monthly delivery of non-perishable groceries and paper products turn up on my doorstep was sometimes the highlight of my day. Running a household and keeping up with three young kids is hard work and I’m all in favor of anything that can make that easier.

Mostly though, I miss my life there. I miss it so much. I said to my husband tonight that I would move back in a second given the choice. Now, maybe I feel like this because of the current circumstances and if you ask me again in year I might feel differently. I don’t know? I’ll revisit that question in a years time. Right now though I am homesick.

The kids were all really sick just before and over Christmas with tonsillitis. One after the other, as is the way in multi-child households! That threw me as well. I had everything figured out in the USA when they got sick. Our pediatrician’s office had a nurse line. We could get seen promptly on the same day. Or if it was late or a holiday we could go to urgent care. The couple of times we used the ER at the hospital, I had no complaints either. Here? I was scrambling. We don’t yet have a doctor. The hospital’s Emergency department was a complete joke. Utter rudeness and complete incompetence. (Exactly the experience we had before we left over 5 years ago so I don’t know why I thought it might have changed) I have nothing good to say about John Hunter Hospital’s Emergency Department.

I always dread the kids getting sick, it’s awful for them and exhausting for us. But I don’t think I’ve ever felt so, what’s the word, isolated? helpless? unprepared? before. The stress of that experience has probably clouded my opinion of being back in Australia too.

I miss so many things. Colorado is such a beautiful place. I miss the mountains. The beach is lovely, but I think I like the mountains better. I miss being able to look west and see them right there. I miss the hikes we used to take. I miss my lovely neighbors and my wonderful friends. I miss having the kids in pre-school, music class, ballet class, gymnastics. I miss my babysitter. (Hi Evie if you’re reading this!) Having some time without the kids was really great and I miss that so much. I miss my house and my neighborhood and the footpaths on the streets and the park just down the road. I miss the birds in the backyard and the squirrels that steal the birdseed. I miss graham crackers and bhakti chai and the little chocolate beans they give you at Human Bean. 🙂

I miss my cats too. They can’t be exported until April but we watch them on the webcam in their room just about every day.

So, what to do to try and feel more “at home”? Keep busy, organize, look forward to things. I’ve booked the twins into swimming lessons this week and once I can get them into preschool or daycare I’ll be able to take Miss I to mum and baby swim class too. I’ve joined a couple of local photography groups for myself. I must look up the multiples club and see about joining that too. My husband contacted a mortgage guy today and hopefully we can get the ball rolling there too because I need to be in my own space soon.

My husband starts his job on Wednesday. It’ll be an hour commute each way so his days will be long. I am going to miss having him around to help out.

I am looking forward to finding a new house for our family and making a new life. I am looking forward to looking back on this post in a year and saying how much I am loving my life.



 First time at the beach


First time at the beach


These faces make me happy




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