Life Goes On. Even without Facebook.

Life continues to plod along slowly. We still haven’t found a house although we did manage to get pre approval for a mortgage. Big thanks to Kerrie Morris from Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors. And a big BOOOOOO and thumbs down to Mortgage Choice in Charlestown who didn’t even want to give me the time of day on the phone. It was obviously too much work for them.

Miss M and Master N started preschool and I cannot say enough great things about their school. It is fantastic. The teacher even rang me yesterday because they’d noticed Miss M had been getting upset and anxious and not coping with transitions very well and was afraid to ask for help. They had all talked about it and come up with a plan on how to reassure her and help her. So so great. Even the fact they noticed was great. The fact they called me to talk about it and discuss how they were going to deal with it was even better! I’ve been very impressed from the moment I saw the school.


Preschool is a big positive in our lives

On the other hand, in a world first for me, I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. I am not feeling settled or happy here yet and seeing my old friends and my old life flooding my newsfeed everyday is doing my head in. So, sorry about the zero warning fb friends, but I need a break. Most likely I’ll post more on here now. Apparently I like talking about myself but don’t really want to hear about you . ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kidding! I love seeing everyone and I’ll miss you ALL! But I need to focus on making a future here for a little while and stop seeing photographs of bald eagles and prairie dogs or the lovely weather in Fort Collins or reading about the new Foothills mall developments.

The twins had their MMR and a DTAP shots this morning. They’re all up to date now and don’t need anymore shots until high school. Yay! Here’s hoping for no febrile reactions.

Master N wears glasses for close up/indoors. He’s beyond adorable in them and has been fantastic about keeping them on and being careful with them.

Swimming lessons went well too. They went for 5 mornings in a row for 30 minutes each morning. They learned to blow bubbles. I learned they need A LOT more lessons! We’ll look at weekly lessons once we’re settled somewhere.


A lot of my days are spent with my cuddly girl, Miss I, attached to my lap. She’s stringing 3, 4 and sometimes more words together in sentences now and is soooo cute. She’s a sweet natured but head strong girl who loves her mama. This is us right now as I type this on my phone.


We’ll start the weaning from the dummy/paci soon, don’t worry.


7 thoughts on “Life Goes On. Even without Facebook.

  1. Hi Belinda…so sorry to hear how hard this all is for you. It must have been awful to have been forced from a life you loved. I hope that things keep getting better. I wish I knew people near where you are to put you in contact with. Are you trying to get a house close to where the kids are in pre-school? I had thought you were moving to the Central Coast? Anyway, I do have a friend in Newcastle but of course, she is much older than you so not sure that would help. But like I said on FB, I live near Morisset on Lake Macquarie and my brother and his young wife live near me and they have a one year old and a 2 year old, both girls. My sister-in-law knows a lot about the area and all that is available around here for little ones. She is from Ireland and an awesome person. For me, having had two children who always suffered so much from anxiety and change, I feel so happy that you have found a pre-school that are willing to be understanding in that area. Anyway, if you wanted any info or contacts that I might be able to help you with please just call the shop and they can give you my mobile number or you can email me. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for your comment Karen. We don’t really know where we want to buy a house. We’ve looked everywhere from Valentine, Caves Beach, Rankin Park, and over the Morisset side of the lake too and down into the Central Coast as well. I don’t want to base my house decision on where the twins are currently at preschool, because that’s only for the next year (or maybe two depending on whether or not I send them to big school next year). However, I also don’t want to have to change them to another preschool. (If I could even find one with 2 vacancies part way through the year!) Phil doesn’t reeeeaallly want to have to drive an hour each way to work but is reluctant to be too far out of the Newcastle area as that’s where his family is.
      We’re really just waiting for a house to “speak to us” and that will dictate where we end up.
      If we pursue any houses out the Morisett way, I’ll be interested to hear more about what schools and activities are available for the littles.
      Thanks again for your thoughtful response.

      • Hi again, Belle, not sure if you want these long-winded comments on your blog so I won’t be offended if you delete them. My sister-in-law is keen to contact you with any information if you want…she is really involved in all the little kid activities in the area. There are quite a few pre-schools in this area. The public schools I’m sure are as good as anywhere but there are also a couple of good private schools here. There are lots of activities such as dancing and all sorts of sports activities. One of the private schools has a pre-school so kids can start there and go all the way through to year 12 at the same complex. There are many nice parks etc. on the lake. If you are looking up this area for real estate check out Bonnells Bay and Brightwaters as well. We live at Bonnells Bay and we are 2 minutes from Coles, medical centre, and chemist. Morisset has a great bulk-billing medical supercenter with doctors, chemist, xray, physio…all in the one place…and there are doctors there 7 days and till 8pm on weekdays. I also have another friend who has 3 little girls and she lives in Belmont North…she is actually from Bonnells Bay originally and knows this area very well and I forgot that she lives in Newcastle area. I’m sure she would be happy to get in touch with you. She is a really nice person. Glad you are waiting for the right house, can totally understand what you mean about a house that will “speak to you”!! They really do!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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