Forgotten Bags and New Pans.

This morning my husband forgot his “schoolbag” with his laptop and all his work stuff. He didn’t realize until he got to work. An hour away. So the twins and I drove it down and met him halfway. Miss I stayed home with Grandfather. She tends to get carsick on longer journeys, or is just plain whiney so this was a big help. I’ve suggested he set a silent alarm on his fitbit to use as a reminder from now on.

One of the cousins had a birthday last week which was fun. They love to hang out with their cousins. We got a picture with all of us in it. Even Grandfather and me. Featuring Master N’s bellybutton and Miss M’s whiney face.


And some backyard cricket was played.


I had a lovely surprise late last week when the parcel van pulled up and delivered me a sizable and heavy package. It was a prize from a competition I’d entered about a month ago. A gorgeous Ausfonte cast iron pan from solidteknics. It’s made in Australia from one solid piece and is SO heavy. I’ve never had a cast iron pan before but I think I’m going to love it. This is in no way sponsored, but you can buy it here.

I am also excited to say I have been accepted as a contributor to Shutterstock.  You need to have 7 images accepted out of 10 to become a contributor. I’d heard it was a tough review process and my first batch had 9 rejections (out of 10). Mostly for model release errors, my bad. I just scraped through with my second try though, with 7 accepted! My images are not showing up in the gallery yet, but I’ll post a link as soon as they do. Now I can do something with all those files sitting on all my hard drives and maybe make a small amount of pocket money. I’ll keep you updated on whether I make any sales.

One thought on “Forgotten Bags and New Pans.

  1. Loved reading your latest news .congrats on winning the pan ,it will be most useful .

    We are well and here for 3 more weeks as the car stuff is holding us up . oh well its not so bad.

    Was thinking about the kids birthdays in april . Any suggestions for gifts please for them ?I have no idea at present what they need or would like but maybe you could offer some ideas .

    I hope you are doing ok and dad and I think of you and Phil and the kids a lot . There is a house out there somewhere for you ,you just havnt found it yet!!!!!

    Your photos have always been winners and Im so happy for you to get chosen…I think this will be your little sideline as youre so good at it and it makes you happy . If it earns a bit of pocket money then all the better !

    Keep talking please .

    Love you all

    Mum XXXXX

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