A Perfect Trio.

The kids and I have had a great day today. Some days they are hideous monsters from the depths of hell and I want to renounce all ownership of them. I usually have to settle for early bedtime and wine. But we won’t talk about that right now because so far today has been good.

We went to Westfield and got some groceries from a very busy Woolworths. Then we went and sat in a cafe and I had a chai (not a pinch on my beloved Bhakti unfortunately) while they had lamington fingers and apple juice.

We had lots of smiles and nods from strangers. You can see them sizing up miss M and master N, trying to work out the age gap. And we also get a lot of interest about miss I’s wubanub. Not sure you can get them here?

Miss M was adorned with a tiara and a handbag over her shoulder as she walked perfectly along holding one side of the stroller. Master N, on the other side, walked as perfectly as his constant head turning, innocent curiosity allowed him to. And Miss I sat quietly in the stroller in between them.

The best quote of the day comes from Master N who turned to me just now and said “I wish I was you, mama.” When I asked him why, his response: “because I want boobies.” 🙂



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