Pick The Interesting Looking Poo.

And so begins another week. The older 2 got dropped at preschool and Miss I and myself went to do our usual shopping and coffee date. I picked Charlestown Square today. Miss I chose a pink donut with blue sprinkles while I sipped on my chai latte. I may also have had a pink donut, but ssshhhh.


After preschool I took them all to the doctors for an appointment for Nate. He’s been complaining of a sore tummy just about every day for at least a month so I figured we should get it looked into.

We went armed with iPads and snacks expecting a long wait, but it wasn’t too bad. 30 minutes maybe. Of course, they all needed to wee right as the doctor called us in.

We’re to start with a poo sample. Actually, 2 poo samples. The doctor’s advice was to get him to poo on some paper on the bathroom floor and “pick the interesting looking poo” for the sample pot. Better make sure I’ve got my glasses on because I wouldn’t want to mistake a boring piece for something with a bit of pizazz.

Poor Nate also spent Friday night with a fever and vomiting. Actually, Neither my husband or myself knew about it until the morning. Being downstairs with the fan on we can’t hear everything that goes on upstairs. He’d apparently gotten up in the night and puked on the toilet floor. Grandfather cleaned it up and then sent him back to bed with a sick bag. And bless his cotton socks, he used it. My husband found him sitting in bed with vomit in the bag (and no where else!) at 7am Saturday morning.

I was at first concerned it was related to the sore tummy but eventually decided it was probably a side effect from the MMRV shot which he’d had 10 days prior. He was mopey, tired and feverish all day Saturday but by Sunday was fine.

I’m hoping to have some house news to share with everyone by the end of the week. I have everything crossed. If you’ve got a spare finger or two maybe cross them for me too?

One thought on “Pick The Interesting Looking Poo.

  1. Hi belle one of the girls at work has just had her son in the childrens hospital with these symptoms that gradually became worse they thought appendix then bowel obstruction and ? Other things .he was on morphine drip etc . Took 5 days for the final diagnosis after scans , xrays ultrasound etc. And it was worms.gave him combantrin and that fixed the problem. Do you worm the family if not might be worth doing everyone just in case. They said this often happens in young kids . Good luck Ros

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