One step forward… You know the rest.

Nothing worth noting on the house front. I’m so frustrated with it. The kids keep asking me for things they used to have and I have to keep telling them we’ll get those things back when we get a house and all our stuff arrives on the ship.

It’s been over 3 months of living out of a suitcase (literally) and sleeping on a thin foam mattress on the floor. I’ve worn the same few clothes over and over again.

I want to bake muffins and make granola. I want to be able to make extra meals and store them in the freezer for those nights when I just don’t have to energy or the ingredients to cook. Being able to put a loaf of bread in the freezer would even be a huge help. I want to be able to have more food on hand in the pantry so I don’t have to drag 3 kids to the supermarket every second day.

And then there’s the climbing of 3 flights of stairs with groceries and three little kids. Thankfully 2 of them can walk themselves up.

I feel SO tired of all these things that I know are temporary, but I thought they’d be a lot more temporary. I’m just over it all and at the moment it feels as though it’ll never end! I’m trapped and I can’t get out.

The kids birthdays are coming up and it makes me sad to think we’ll still be here and I won’t be able to make them cakes.

The quote for getting the cats back to Australia just came in and it’s a lot more than we expected.

I feel like we take one step forward and then two back.

I know it could be a lot worse. I know there’s people that have bigger problems. But these are my problems and I’m living them everyday.

And today I am just about at the end of my rope.


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