A House to Call Home

I had a fairly depressing week last week and I’m sure my last post was reflective of that.

We’d looked at a house the weekend of the 21st and I fell in love with it. We made an offer and it wasn’t accepted. Then they advertised for another open house on the 28th. My husband was being very level headed (he sells software for a living so he’s all over the “sales and negotiation process”) not budging on our offer and it felt as though another one was slipping away.

On Friday I took the kids to the beach in the morning and on the way home we saw a huge rainbow. I felt like it was a sign of good things to come.


We went to the second open house on Saturday and got some feedback from the agent that the owners were very close to accepting our offer. A tiny bit extra on our offer sealed the deal. However, we made sure to ask for their pool table to be thrown in. (There’s a custom spot for it in the rumpus room) I also thought I’d ask for their outdoor furniture seeing as we knew they were moving into a smaller apartment. We have no outdoor furniture and with three decks on the house we’ll need some.

So we got the house, the pool table and the outdoor furniture!

I couldn’t be more excited! It feels amazing to have something so great to look forward to. Our own house to call home.

Who’s coming to the house warming?


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