Waiting and Watching.

I’ve been very impatiently waiting for settlement on our house and it’s only been 9 days so far. We still don’t have an official date either. Our original 35-day-settlement-date falls on one of the Easter public holidays, so we’re pushing for an earlier date and just waiting to hear back from the vendors.

I’ve been madly pinning all the pretty things on pinterest. Mainly outdoor decorating and garden stuff. We have so much deck space, I want to make it really nice. Lots of plants and pots. I haven’t even started on indoor stuff. If you want, you can follow my pinning madness by clicking here> Follow Me

I’ve also been loving watching some live Bald Eagle cams in the USA. We were lucky enough to see Bald Eagles in the wild on several occasions when we lived in Colorado.

This live feed in Minnesota has 2 little babies already hatched. There was 3, but one died a few days ago. 😦 They are adorable. I’ve managed to see the parent feeding them several times. The live feed is so clear and so close up as you can see from the screen shots I took on my phone. You can see the left over meals in the nest. They’ve been eating fish and birds lately. Just remember the time difference. You won’t see much if it’s night over there!

IMG_1078 IMG_1080

There’s another one here from Pennsylvania that got a bit of media attention last week when the parent was covered up to the neck in snow and continued to sit on the eggs and keep them warm. The snow has melted now and the eggs are expected to begin hatching around March 21st I believe. This one seems to have better visibility in the night but the picture isn’t as clear or as close up. You can see one of the eggs in this screen shot I took.


One thought on “Waiting and Watching.

  1. I have heard about those video feeds. How amazing!!!

    I hope you hear word on your home soon. I am so excited for you! Be sure to take plenty before and after photos for us, okay! :^)

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