8 More Sleeps.

You guys! There’s only 8 sleeps until settlement now. Can you tell I am EXCITED? Miss I and myself went to our new house on Monday morning and met the current owner. We’re actually buying a few pieces of furniture and household items from them. They’re getting rid of a ton of stuff because they’re downsizing to a 2 bedroom apartment. It’s all working out perfectly.

I asked the twins what they were most excited about for the new house. Master N tells me he’s excited about getting his tennis racquet back. Miss M says she’s excited to have her own room and a playroom.


I’ve been thinking about the upcoming birthday day for the kids. I’m going to attempt to make a Lego table for them. Thank you Pinterest. I’ll be sure to take photos and document that little project.

They told me they want car cakes. They STILL remember the car cakes they had for their 2nd birthday. I guess it’s only fitting that Miss I should get a car cake for her 2nd birthday too. I didn’t actually make the twins car cakes 2 years ago because I was slightly preoccupied being in labour with Miss I. I can’t seem to find any photos from Facebook either. I must have been REALLY preoccupied!


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