Two Months In.

Two months+ since my last post! That means we’ve been in our house a bit over 2 months now and things are mostly unpacked. We got our cats about 5 weeks ago too. They were staying at Evergreen Cat Lodge in Colorado until they could be cleared for export (a 6 month process) and then they got 10 days in quarantine in Sydney. The cat lodge was amazing and I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone needing lodging for their cats. Ours were there from November until April. They had a webcam in their room and I could look at them every day from an app on my phone or from my computer. Now that they’re home, they’ve settled right back in and are snuggling on me as I type.

The kids have all had nasty colds nonstop for over 4 weeks. The last few days has finally seen some improvement in the twins and today Miss I seems a lot better too. Back to the germ factory tomorrow (preschool) to see what other nasties they can bring home. Hopefully nothing too bad because they need to be well for Disney on Ice at the end of the week. I won tickets and can’t wait!

Speaking of winning, I also won an awesome Springfree trampoline which the kids are having a blast with. It’s a bit of a hobby I have, entering competitions. Feels pretty great when you win something! If anyone’s interested I can do a post on where to find the competitions and some tips on how to improve your chances of winning. My running total of prize winnings since December last year is $1,985 worth of stuff. Before I left Australia I had won about $10,000 worth of stuff including a $5000 holiday. And it’s not that hard guys! Im super excited about the Disney on Ice tickets though, because I REALLY wanted to win them. I specifically sought out and entered competitions for them. I think I entered 3 or 4 and then found out I’d won so I stopped searching them out, but there was probably at least another 4 companies giving away tickets.

Very pleased with this win from Springfree Trampolines.

Very pleased with this win from Springfree Trampolines.

My other hobby of photography is also keeping me occupied. I have plans of setting up my studio downstairs, but I don’t think I have very much natural light to work with like I had in our last house. So that will mean a bit of research into studio lighting which I’m not very familiar with. And then I’ll need some volunteers while I practice. 🙂

I am absolutely in love with this photo of Miss M taken last week.

Couldn't ask for a better model.

Couldn’t ask for a better model.

And here’s the looking-very-grown-up Master N and the cute Miss I.

IMG_2916 IMG_2921

So like I said, it’s been 2 months since my last post. It won’t be another 2 months before my next post. Promise!

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