No More Pineapple

My sleep has been somewhat broken and disturbed lately. Miss M has started waking up crying of a night. Usually between 11pm and 2am. At least 5 nights a week. I’m not sure if she’s having bad dreams or just waking and wanting some attention. My dear husband manages to snooze through these episodes, leaving me to get up to her to soothe and calm her and put her back to bed. Then I have trouble getting back to sleep myself.

We also had a visit from the “dummy fairy” last weekend. She came and took Miss I’s dummies away and left her a small present. We’d been talking about this with her for some time, but I was waiting until she was mostly over her cold until we did it. She has been extra whiney and waking early crying and asking for her dummy. Her naps are suffering too. Which means my “me time” is suffering.

Between the night time waking, the super early waking and the clingy whiney behavior I’m feeling extra tired!

Another fun fact we discovered yesterday is that Miss I has an intolerance/sensitivity/allergy to fresh pineapple. Burning, itching mouth and tongue, blistered and bleeding lips and a screaming child. Not fun. No more pineapple for her!

No more pineapple for this girl

No more pineapple for this girl

Master N and Miss M had a fun Pirate and Mermaid picnic day at preschool this week. They were allowed to take a “party food” lunch which is a special treat. Normally the preschool only allows healthy, non-processed, package free food. I made fairy bread sandwiches and containers of jelly (jello to the Americans).


Yesterday I won 4 tickets to see Inside Out. Looking forward to it! Anytime a new movie comes out there’s tones of companies that get given tickets to give away. This was something I really wanted to win, so I entered about 5 different competitions and got lucky. The kids are now asking me every day, “Did you win anything today, Mama?”

They had a raffle at preschool this week where Master N won a prize and Miss M didn’t. That was a good teaching moment, explaining that all the children in the class entered but not everyone can win a prize. Master N was kind enough to share his prize with both his sisters.

Sometimes I enter competitions with other people in mind, and if I win, I put the items away for birthdays or Christmas. It’s good to share!

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