Love Thy Neighbour.

My parents have been traveling around Australia in their caravan. They’ve been staying with us in between trips. Lake Macquarie Council is now saying they must move their caravan because they’ve received several complaints. I am not allowed to have their caravan parked on our front lawn next to my house. It’s entirely on our […]

Waiting and Watching.

I’ve been very impatiently waiting for settlement on our house and it’s only been 9 days so far. We still don’t have an official date either. Our original 35-day-settlement-date falls on one of the Easter public holidays, so we’re pushing for an earlier date and just waiting to hear back from the vendors. I’ve been […]

The Tree House.

We attended the pest and building inspection this morning at our new home. I wanted another chance to check it all out and measure the space for the fridge etc. It is a pole home and feels a bit like being in a tree house. We love it. I took some pictures on my iPhone […]

Life Goes On. Even without Facebook.

Life continues to plod along slowly. We still haven’t found a house although we did manage to get pre approval for a mortgage. Big thanks to Kerrie Morris from Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors. And a big BOOOOOO and thumbs down to Mortgage Choice in Charlestown who didn’t even want to give me the time of […]