Forgotten Bags and New Pans.

This morning my husband forgot his “schoolbag” with his laptop and all his work stuff. He didn’t realize until he got to work. An hour away. So the twins and I drove it down and met him halfway. Miss I stayed home with Grandfather. She tends to get carsick on longer journeys, or is just […]

It’s Been a While.

It’s been a while since I posted. Summer has been fun and busy and full of sunshine but will soon be ending. We had my parents stay with us for 10 weeks which was really great but they have their own adventures to go on now. Plus the┬ávisa waiver only lasts 3 months. ­čÖé The […]

McMurray Natural Area

It was a first time visit for us today to McMurray Natural area. We parked at the Hemlock street carpark and walked west from there. We looped around the ponds and walked back along the river up through the Salyer Natural Area and towards Legacy Park before turning back towards our car. That was just […]

One More Birthday to Round Out the Week.

Happy Birthday to me! We started with a lovely hike around Running Deer Natural Area this morning. We saw some turtles, a whole lot of different birds and a snake swimming in the river. Later in the day we went out for an early dinner to Akropolis. That’s the new Greek place on College that […]

Running Deer Natural Area

We like to get outside when we can. I remember going on bushwalks as a kid, especially with my dad. He liked to find the local wildlife, usually reptilian, by looking under rocks and logs and in trees. I have a lot of memories of finding, and sometimes holding, snakes, lizards, frogs and tortoises. Even […]