Almost Moving Day

It’s almost moving day!!! I can’t believe that we will be moving into our new house tomorrow. Tomorrow! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a move before. Well, maybe I was this excited about our original move to the USA. That was over five and a half years ago, so it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited.

The kids are on school holidays from pre-school. It’s only 2 days a week they go, but I am sure going to miss those 2 lovely quiet days for the next 2 weeks. I think Miss I will miss it too. She relishes having me all to herself. We usually have a coffee date at the shops after drop off which she loves. It’s something that I can’t really do with all three. Actually, not true, I CAN do it. It’s just no fun because, three kids!

Morning Tea at Muffin Break

Morning Tea at Muffin Break

I did mention a while ago about becoming a contributor with Shutterstock. I am all set up now and have actually sold a number of images!  My portfolio of images is still quite small, but I’m making regular sales with what I’ve got up there. To make it worthwhile, I really need a large volume of consistent sales. I think I have about 15 images submitted and approved, which is like a pimple on a pumpkin. My goal over the next few months is to get that up to 100 images.

You can check out or purchase my images here. My highest selling image so far is the one of the child holding the blocks. I took this specifically as a stock image, so I’m pleased it’s selling well.


Kid Approved Butter Bean Dip

Two posts in one day?! Why, yes. I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a while and it just so happens I made it for afternoon tea, so what better time?

If your kids are anything like mine they want to If I could only have a dollar for every “I’m huuuunnnnggrryyyy” or “can I have something else to eeeaaatt?” I’d be rich.
I don’t know why the last word has to be elongated and drawn out. It helps get the message across obviously. Definitely doesn’t make me more annoyed. Nope.

Thankfully they love fruit and eat a lot of it. But it just doesn’t fill them up. So I started making dip. From butter beans! Butter beans are healthy and filling and surprisingly super yummy. They’re also pretty inexpensive.

Here’s the ingredients I used today but really you can get creative and add in lots of other stuff. Sundried tomatoes are good. 🙂


1 can of butter beans
1-2 tbs of sour cream
1 tsp garlic
2 tsp coriander
A shake of cumin
Drizzle of olive oil.

Put it in a food processor and blend it all up. Add a little more olive oil or sour cream if it’s a bit dry. I like to use my stick blender that comes with a bunch of attachments (including the food processor). It’s one of my favourite kitchen appliances and I use it all the time for all sorts of different things.


This post is in no way sponsored by Electrolux either. I just love this thing.

Anyway, that’s all you do. Blend it and then serve it with crackers. My kids devoured the entire lot in under 10 minutes.



8 More Sleeps.

You guys! There’s only 8 sleeps until settlement now. Can you tell I am EXCITED? Miss I and myself went to our new house on Monday morning and met the current owner. We’re actually buying a few pieces of furniture and household items from them. They’re getting rid of a ton of stuff because they’re downsizing to a 2 bedroom apartment. It’s all working out perfectly.

I asked the twins what they were most excited about for the new house. Master N tells me he’s excited about getting his tennis racquet back. Miss M says she’s excited to have her own room and a playroom.


I’ve been thinking about the upcoming birthday day for the kids. I’m going to attempt to make a Lego table for them. Thank you Pinterest. I’ll be sure to take photos and document that little project.

They told me they want car cakes. They STILL remember the car cakes they had for their 2nd birthday. I guess it’s only fitting that Miss I should get a car cake for her 2nd birthday too. I didn’t actually make the twins car cakes 2 years ago because I was slightly preoccupied being in labour with Miss I. I can’t seem to find any photos from Facebook either. I must have been REALLY preoccupied!

Waiting and Watching.

I’ve been very impatiently waiting for settlement on our house and it’s only been 9 days so far. We still don’t have an official date either. Our original 35-day-settlement-date falls on one of the Easter public holidays, so we’re pushing for an earlier date and just waiting to hear back from the vendors.

I’ve been madly pinning all the pretty things on pinterest. Mainly outdoor decorating and garden stuff. We have so much deck space, I want to make it really nice. Lots of plants and pots. I haven’t even started on indoor stuff. If you want, you can follow my pinning madness by clicking here> Follow Me

I’ve also been loving watching some live Bald Eagle cams in the USA. We were lucky enough to see Bald Eagles in the wild on several occasions when we lived in Colorado.

This live feed in Minnesota has 2 little babies already hatched. There was 3, but one died a few days ago. 😦 They are adorable. I’ve managed to see the parent feeding them several times. The live feed is so clear and so close up as you can see from the screen shots I took on my phone. You can see the left over meals in the nest. They’ve been eating fish and birds lately. Just remember the time difference. You won’t see much if it’s night over there!

IMG_1078 IMG_1080

There’s another one here from Pennsylvania that got a bit of media attention last week when the parent was covered up to the neck in snow and continued to sit on the eggs and keep them warm. The snow has melted now and the eggs are expected to begin hatching around March 21st I believe. This one seems to have better visibility in the night but the picture isn’t as clear or as close up. You can see one of the eggs in this screen shot I took.


The Tree House.

We attended the pest and building inspection this morning at our new home. I wanted another chance to check it all out and measure the space for the fridge etc.

It is a pole home and feels a bit like being in a tree house. We love it.

I took some pictures on my iPhone while I was there. Here they are.

The view from the deck off the master bedroom. That’s looking down to Blacksmiths beach on the left and then the lake on the right.


Looking right to the bush at the back of the house from the master bedroom deck.


Miss I standing at the door to the master bedroom.


Looking down the length of the deck.


Standing in the living room looking to the dining and kitchen area.


The kitchen


The deck off the kitchen. And then looking back to the kitchen door.



The pool room and bar.


The side of the house and backyard.





A House to Call Home

I had a fairly depressing week last week and I’m sure my last post was reflective of that.

We’d looked at a house the weekend of the 21st and I fell in love with it. We made an offer and it wasn’t accepted. Then they advertised for another open house on the 28th. My husband was being very level headed (he sells software for a living so he’s all over the “sales and negotiation process”) not budging on our offer and it felt as though another one was slipping away.

On Friday I took the kids to the beach in the morning and on the way home we saw a huge rainbow. I felt like it was a sign of good things to come.


We went to the second open house on Saturday and got some feedback from the agent that the owners were very close to accepting our offer. A tiny bit extra on our offer sealed the deal. However, we made sure to ask for their pool table to be thrown in. (There’s a custom spot for it in the rumpus room) I also thought I’d ask for their outdoor furniture seeing as we knew they were moving into a smaller apartment. We have no outdoor furniture and with three decks on the house we’ll need some.

So we got the house, the pool table and the outdoor furniture!

I couldn’t be more excited! It feels amazing to have something so great to look forward to. Our own house to call home.

Who’s coming to the house warming?

One step forward… You know the rest.

Nothing worth noting on the house front. I’m so frustrated with it. The kids keep asking me for things they used to have and I have to keep telling them we’ll get those things back when we get a house and all our stuff arrives on the ship.

It’s been over 3 months of living out of a suitcase (literally) and sleeping on a thin foam mattress on the floor. I’ve worn the same few clothes over and over again.

I want to bake muffins and make granola. I want to be able to make extra meals and store them in the freezer for those nights when I just don’t have to energy or the ingredients to cook. Being able to put a loaf of bread in the freezer would even be a huge help. I want to be able to have more food on hand in the pantry so I don’t have to drag 3 kids to the supermarket every second day.

And then there’s the climbing of 3 flights of stairs with groceries and three little kids. Thankfully 2 of them can walk themselves up.

I feel SO tired of all these things that I know are temporary, but I thought they’d be a lot more temporary. I’m just over it all and at the moment it feels as though it’ll never end! I’m trapped and I can’t get out.

The kids birthdays are coming up and it makes me sad to think we’ll still be here and I won’t be able to make them cakes.

The quote for getting the cats back to Australia just came in and it’s a lot more than we expected.

I feel like we take one step forward and then two back.

I know it could be a lot worse. I know there’s people that have bigger problems. But these are my problems and I’m living them everyday.

And today I am just about at the end of my rope.

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