Prospect Ponds

First time visit to Prospect Ponds in Fort Collins. I’d like to come back at a better time of day for photographs however we did see a lovely White-tailed deer so that was fun. It was a stormy afternoon but we got the walk done in between rain showers. I’m posting the pictures here because I’ve […]

Another Morning

Another early morning walk in Fort Collins Natural Areas has yielded some fun finds. This morning I saw my first ever Cinnamon Teal and Black-Crowned Night Heron as well as a Yellow Headed Blackbird, and some others. Was hoping to see a fox or maybe some raccoons, but no such luck. I did however see […]

Morning Walk

These are from a morning walk at Riverbend Ponds, Fort Collins.  A few days ago I found a little Yellow Warbler nest that had 5 eggs and this morning was full of fluff and beaks. No pictures yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the babies. All taken with a 5D Mk II and […]

Backyard Birds

We get a lot of different birds in our backyard and I’ve been having fun watching them. I’ve just bought a fancy new lens that I’m hoping will improve my photographs of these delightful creatures. I’ll add what I’ve seen so far and try and note my lens and specs.  This is not a list […]

One More Birthday to Round Out the Week.

Happy Birthday to me! We started with a lovely hike around Running Deer Natural Area this morning. We saw some turtles, a whole lot of different birds and a snake swimming in the river. Later in the day we went out for an early dinner to Akropolis. That’s the new Greek place on College that […]

Riverbend Ponds Natural Area

We’ve been to Riverbend Ponds twice now. Once with the kids and once without. It’s a nice easy hike with approximately 2-3 miles of trails depending on which you take. The trails take you past several ponds as well as along the river and through some wetlands. There’s a lot of opportunities for birdwatchers and […]

Running Deer Natural Area

We like to get outside when we can. I remember going on bushwalks as a kid, especially with my dad. He liked to find the local wildlife, usually reptilian, by looking under rocks and logs and in trees. I have a lot of memories of finding, and sometimes holding, snakes, lizards, frogs and tortoises. Even […]